Chanie Hildeshaim (nee Zaltzman) was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1980. As a baby, she moved to Toronto with her parents when they were dispatched by the Rebbe to serve the Jewish Russian community there. She attended Bais Yakov Elementary School and Beth Jacob High School in Toronto, followed by one year at the Beit Chanah seminary in Tzfat, Israel. She returned to Toronto and spent the following year at the teachers’ college Machon Bnot Menachem.

Chanie spent her summers working in Chabad summer camps in Toronto; Caracas, Venezuela; Manalapan, NJ; and Hallandale, Fl.

In November 2000, Chanie married Rabbi Chaim Leib Hildeshaim and moved to New York where she worked for the Orthodox Union. She returned with her husband to Toronto in 2002 to become the directors of the Chabad Russian Center in Thornhill Woods. Some of Chanie's responsibilities at Chabad include running the Jewish Women's Circle, women's study groups, Hebrew School, Bat Mitzvah Club, pre-marital classes for brides, Holiday programming and more.

Chanie and her husband Rabbi Chaim Hildeshaim are the proud parents of 7 children Ka"h who are all an excited and integral part of the Chabad Thornhill Woods community !

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