Limore Twena Zisckind's incredible journey as a breast cancer survivor and devoted mother has captivated our community. Through her unwavering spirit and special brand of "Aggressive Positivity™," she has overcome adversity, showcasing her talent through mesmerizing performances, a viral album, and a sold-out concert. 

Her newest album being launched tonight called “Señora Pnina”, is a tribute to her grandmothers favourite Spanish Boleros, that carried her through her healing journey.  Limore’s book, "Aggressive Positivity," now serves as a source of inspiration and hope for many, shining a light on the power of determination in the face of challenging circumstances.

This PINK Challah Bake is a heartfelt gesture of appreciation to all those who supported and prayed for Limore during her journey to recovery.

Limore is thrilled to share the wonderful news of her graduation from Sunnybrook's oncology department, signifying her state of good health and wellness.

Sharon Litvack was born in Israel and grew up in NYC. Sharon is a classical pianist and teacher who attended the High School of Performing Arts (from the movie Fame). She has degrees from Manhattan School of Music and Tel Aviv university. 

Sharon moved to Toronto in 1999. She is married to Michael and they have 3 daughters, Lior, Shira and Lielle. 

Sharon was diagnosed with lobular breast cancer in September 2019. Sharon is a breast cancer survivor and an advocate for the DIEP surgery. Sharon regularly speaks to women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Gabriela Zelazny was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gabriela is an architect and works in the office furniture industry.

Gabriela moved to Toronto in 2003. She is married to Daniel and have two kids, Noah and Mia.
Gabriela was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2021 and had a lumpectomy surgery in February 2022.

She has been mentor to other patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.