Beyond the Photo Op

   bar mitzva.jpgWhat was your Bar or Bat Mitzvah like? Unfortunately for many people, their Bar or Bat Mitzvah experience is just a memory — a small, relatively insignificant step on the road to adulthood — with nothing of much significance carrying over into their adult lives. Our Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs aim to give children the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of this important Jewish right of passage. With a one year program of classes, events and social activities, Jewish young men and women are introduced to Jewish community, life and practice through an engaging program that they can be proud of and carry with them as they grow.
   It’s not just about a ceremony and a photo opportunity. A Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an6 tu beshvat.jpg auspicious time in the life of a young man or woman to really learn and grow Jewishly, to absorb the significance and values of what it means to be Jewish so that it can be carried over into their adult lives, their future families, and passed to the next generation. In fact, one of the f
undamental goals of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs is to stem the tide of assimilation in our community by educating our youth and providing them with a forum through which they can meet one another. 

   Regardless of where your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah celebration will take place, or what type of ceremony you envision, you are invited to discover what the Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs offer — and to share the gift of Jewish heritage with your child.