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for 2019-2020 

Bat Mitzvah Club orientation :
November. TBA

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Bi-Monthly on Tuesdays 

Photos from BMC Graduation and Celebration 2017 
 photos  from Club meetings, 2018-2019

2017-2018 Year in Review  


Who: All girls age 11 and 12 years old (grade 6-7)

What: Club meeting will include Torah learning, interesting discussions, as well as lots of hands-on activities, including art, food decorating, ceramics, community outreach and trips. The program will take place in different participants’ homes on a rotating basis.

Every Club meeting the girls explore, discover and discuss about what it means to become a Bat Mitzvah and what their responsibilities are as a Bat Mitzvah girl.

The girls learn about a Jewish Woman in our History, her story, lessons we can learn from her and most importantly how we can apply it to our lives today.

craft examples: mirror fogging, candle making, headbands, petal pens etc.) that connects to the woman or topic they just learned about it. At the end of the year the girls compile a scrapbook filled with all topics and lessons they learned throughout the year.

When : Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 pm twice a month from November to June.

Where : In the girl's homes, or the Shul, on a rotating basis.

Why : Your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is approaching and the celebration of a Bat Mitzvah is one of the highlights and great milestone in the life of a Jewish woman. We must remember that the most important aspect is not the party but rather the impact and long term effects this experience will have on your daughter’s identity as a Jew. We have to make sure that the Bat Mitzvah is not viewed as a graduation from Judaism, but rather the bright beginning of a vibrant Jewish life.

It is for this reason that we have formed the Bat Mitzvah Club. The club has been tremendously successful all around the country including various locations in Canada.

No matter where your daughter plans to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah, the club is a great way to learn, enjoy and meet other Bat Mitzvah girls.

Feel free to call Chanie with any questions about the club or registration at any time.
905.881.1919 or
email Chanie



  • The BMC will host an end of the year banquet and graduation ceremony at which our Rabbi and Rebbetzin, club members, family & friends will all join to celebrate this special milestone and the girl’s remarkable year of growth and accomplishment.

This club was created to provide Jewish girls with a stimulating and enriching religious and cultural experience as they approach their Bat Mitzvah birthday. Girls of this age generally express heightened interest towards discovering more about themselves and the world around them. This club endeavors to challenge its members as they undergo profound physical, emotional and intellectual changes. Reaching beyond the common concept of a Bat Mitzvah being a Bar Mitzvah for girls, the club serves as a forum for discussion and discovery of the true meaning of Bat Mitzvah.

As they share interests, goals, and experiences, club members will also develop a sense of unity and friendship with other Jewish girls their age. Together these girls will learn to face the future as committed, knowledgeable, confident Jewish women who are proud of their unique identities. The club will help young Jewish girls develop into a new generation of leaders and active participants in the Jewish community. The Bat Mitzvah Club truly represents a worthwhile investment of your daughter’s extracurricular time.

More info: Please contact Chanie : email Chanie or call our office at 905.881.1919