• Model Matzah BakeryJoin us for a hands-on Matzah making experience! From grinding the wheat, to baking the Matzah!
    Sunday, March 26 | 11 am | 770 Chabad Gatw
    register here
  • JWC - Alcohol & Ink Seder or Matzah PlateCreate your own one-of-a-kind Seder or Matzah plate, using specialized alcohol ink & fire. We will create a masterpiece to grace your seder table for years to come.

    Wednesday, March 29 | 7:30 pm
    register here
  • Passover 2023Wednesday, April 5 - Thursday, April 13
    Check out our Passover site, for all your holiday needs.
  • Rosh Chodesh SocietyPresenting a new women's course: To Believe or Not to Believe in Yourself
    Delve into the inner workings of ourselves and how we can be our best selves.
    Gatherings happen monthly, starting Jan 18.
    more info and register
  • JWC: Shlissel ChallahJoin us for Shlissel Challah Bake! Traditional challah baked with a key the Shabbat after Pesach Register here
Looking for a place where Judaism thrives, spirituality is heartfelt, and creativity is part of the furniture? A place where an unlettered Jew, a Chassidic Jew and a hippie all share a passion for their people? A place where the tradition, modernity and culture merge? A place where your questions are valid and you can make a difference? A place where you are not judged, but are welcomed exactly as you are? A place where Judaism is celebrated with joy and meaning? Welcome to the Chabad Jewish Center of Thornhill Woods!
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  • Let G-d Do the Rest When a Jew commits to doing something positive, we are assured that G-d will help him. Read More
  • Take the Passover Foods QuizDo you know what Jews eat on Passover and what these foods signify? Take this quiz and see for... Read More
  • How a Jewish Woman in Florida Learned to Be Free in Prison“Being Jewish is what carried me throughout my time in jail,” says Sara. Read More
  • Watch the JewQ International Torah Championship on SundayFeaturing Finalists from Hebrew Schools Around the World Read More
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Rabbi Alexandri said, “Master of the Universe! It’s obvious to You that we want to do what You want done. So what is holding us back? The yeast in the dough!” (Talmud, Berachot 17a) What is so terrible about chametz, that once a year, for the Festival of Freedom, we must search, burn and destroy any trace of it in our possession? Because yeast makes a little dough into a big loaf of hot air. And that pretty much describes the fundamental gameplay of all that imprisons you. It's like the yeast that takes your healthy need to earn an honest living and blows it up into a desperate need for recognition and yet more recognition. Or like...
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